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Guh I have been nowhere in the vicinity of internet for days now.  Last week there were rehearsals - loooong rehearsals - a bunch of days. And then on Thursday there was an anime convention, so there went Thursday.
Since the con was kinda far, I slept over at Song's and then on Friday spent 4 hours on buses going to Gush Etzion for Shabbat.  More time of no internet.
But the greatest tragedy was that my mp3 player had no battery T___T so I had to listen to songs in my cellphone, which are all Chassidic, and UTTERLY INAPPROPRIATE background music for torturing Ed. Also, there are only about 25 songs on my cellphone, and after looping them for 4 hours, I got pretty heartily sick of them.
And today the family is returning from vacation in America (two months of it), so I'm cleaning up the house since yesterday.  Oh and I watched Inception, which I liked quite a lot.

BUT THE REALLY IMPORTANT THING.   I know last year I griped a lot about my musical and how they made my life miserable. So this year I turned around and am making another one XDDD
On the bright side, the cast this year is looking to be far nicer and more fun than it was previously.

This time, the musical is a general-anime parody, with original characters, songs, and plot. 
And we released two trailers for the summer cons, so you can see for yourself!

This is the first trailer. Original song, and the character featured is Sushi, our resident moe girl.

Second trailer. The two characters are Dexamol (the white-haired guy) and Kinou (the samurai-type). Also, an otaku.

I was in charge of character design, head of the cosplay team, and (along with Song) came up with the concepts for the two trailers. Na filmed and edited (with a few bits edited by Ikis), Song and Ikis composed, Song and I wrote the words to the song, and Shayli did the dance choreography, while Alon did the fight choreography. Sar built the amazing sword and chainsaw.
and chapter 41 is coming along
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