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Finally, the 4th Candle! Celebrating more than a year on LJ

Some of you may remember that last year I posted Chanuka pics.  You may also remember that I missed the 4th candle.
So here is the honorary pic for the 4th candle of Chanuka, celebrating my new graphic tablet (which was not a Chanuka present), and officially completing the series.
Or rather, it would've officially completed the series if Shira hadn't just given me a very interesting idea for the 4th candle, which I may draw and post later on.

Enjoy, and have a happy Chanuka!

...oh, and btw, I'm still late.  The 4th candle was two nights ago....

So why do we play dreidle on Chanuka?  The Greeks forbade the Jews from learning Torah, keeping the Sabbath, and circumcision.  The Jews kept on doing them in hiding.  When the Greeks came by and they were, say, learning Torah, the Jews immediately pulled out dreidles and pretended to play with them.  So traditionally, we gamble on Chanuka.  Fun, eh?

All the other candles can be found here
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