fanfic masterlist

Since this is mostly a fandom journal, I've compiled a handy masterlist of all my fics, to save searching and clicking and whatnot.
This post is divided into two parts. The first, a chronological listing of all my fics in the order they were first posted. I've chosen to list them chronologically because I've been writing in this fandom for 4 years, and as such, my writing style has changed quite a bit.
The second part is a table, which should hopefully make cross-referencing the fics by subject easier (but even if not, it makes my OCD mind happy).

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As mentioned earlier, this table is divided by major themes that appear in my fics, or just random stuff I felt like marking XD

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trojan esrog

writing papers~

 So right now I'm writing a paper with an all-Jewish bibliography (it's an analysis of one of Kafka's stories from a Jewish perspective) and it's just weird.
For one, all the sources are basically things I have around the house. I sit in my living room and drag books back and forth.  What I don't have on my shelf, I can find in online or computerized databases, which mostly have very sophisticated search options (and are more accurate than, say, JSTOR, in my experience). 

And for the other - it's like I'm writing the paper from end to beginning.  Usually, you read through sources and then construct the ideas. Here, I know what I want to say, and then I have to spend time looking for the exact source.  Like, I'll say to my father, "what story from the Gemara do you think illustrates this point?" and he'll say, "well, how about R' Elazar ben Arach?" and then I go look it up.  Or I'll have a quote in mind I want to use, and then have to go and figure out where it actually came from. 

It's amazing how much "general knowledge" about Judaism is crammed into my brain, and how difficult sourcing some of it is!  But the amazing thing is that I AM managing to track down these quotes.  Nothing came from vacuum, and it's impressive to see how ideas have developed and shifted over the centuries :)

(gah I want to get done with this paper already!!)
han in hanukah


 So I had the sudden urge to redraw the very first Hei/Ed pic I've ever drawn, now that I'm a bit better at drawing.  Hope you guys like it!

Title: C'mere, you
Rating: PG-13, but it's a fairly suggestive pose, so might not be WS
Characters: Hei/Ed
Notes: is a pencil sketch, sorry for low-ish scanner quality orz

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mirrorworld ch. 41

Title: The Past
Author: ketita
Words: 10,454
Rating: R
Summary: Ed found a way to prove that he was truly from a parallel universe, and Alfons finds himself trapped in Ed's dream of opening the Gate. Premovie, AU

Previous parts can be found here.

Notes: guh, this chapter. It's been way too long coming. Thanks to cryogenia and yixsh for the help and patience. Remaining errors are mine alone.
Thanks to all of you for your support. I guess now is the time to announce that we're officially nearing the end of this fic :) it's such a weird feeling, omg.

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Part 2
holy grail


- Leave a comment saying "What's up?!"
- I'll ask you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

and here are my answers to a_big_apple :

1. I'm swiping a question arathe asked me, because I like it--what was the first piece of fanfiction you remember writing?

Very very first - one of those crappy mega-multi-crossover script format things. I wrote it in 10th grade together with a friend of mine, and we filled like 3 notebooks with it. It was based in the Dragonball Z world, and had a whole lot of random characters popping in.  The whole thing was MASSIVELY incoherent XDD
I thought of giving an excerpt, but after looking at one of the notebooks.... no, I don't think I shall. Too embarrassing!

2. Cat person, dog person, or other?

Overall, cats. Because they don't lick things as much, and I have a severe dislike of sliminess. I wouldn't even fingerpaint when I was little.

3. What's a food that you've tried but would be content to never eat again?

Not exactly the answer, but - beer. I do not get the attraction in the least.  I don't hate it, I just don't find it at all tasty or appealing.

4. Describe your favorite item of clothing.

My purple boots!  They're knee-high, suede, in a rich purple, more bluey than pink.  They have a level platform, about 3 cm high, in black.  The toe is square.  The general shape of the shoe is smooth, there's no decorations or anything on it.  The upper part hugs my leg, it's not loose at all - form fitting and a bit elastic. They are of the breed of boot commonly found in Israel, which is pretty, but doesn't do that much against cold or rain. That is because we do not have much cold or rain.

5. If you were in charge of giving Ed and Alfons a tour of someplace you're very familiar with, where would you take them and what would you be sure to point out?

My first thought would be Jerusalem, but I guess that's too obvious XD so I'd take them to Petach Tikva.  I'd show off: 
1) the completely bizarre art in traffic circles all over town. And I mean REALLY bizarre art.
2) the adorable red British phone booths that were gotten as a present from Britian for the city's 120th anniversary.
3) the Great Synagogue down town
4) the place where the first and second wells of the city were, when it was first founded. My great-grandfather was the guard of the second well (which is where he met my great-grandmother)
Then I'd drop them off with my friend, who studies Aeronautics Engineering XD


Guh I have been nowhere in the vicinity of internet for days now.  Last week there were rehearsals - loooong rehearsals - a bunch of days. And then on Thursday there was an anime convention, so there went Thursday.
Since the con was kinda far, I slept over at Song's and then on Friday spent 4 hours on buses going to Gush Etzion for Shabbat.  More time of no internet.
But the greatest tragedy was that my mp3 player had no battery T___T so I had to listen to songs in my cellphone, which are all Chassidic, and UTTERLY INAPPROPRIATE background music for torturing Ed. Also, there are only about 25 songs on my cellphone, and after looping them for 4 hours, I got pretty heartily sick of them.
And today the family is returning from vacation in America (two months of it), so I'm cleaning up the house since yesterday.  Oh and I watched Inception, which I liked quite a lot.

han in hanukah

Torchwood: my opinions

(warning: full spoilers for Torchwood ahead)

So over the past month or two I've been watching Torchwood, and seldom has a series left me more conflicted.
Fandom seems to swoon over it often. Jack Harkness is often made much of as "the guy who will sleep with anything". 
Upon watching the series, I have to conclude that what I watched was completely different from what the rest of the fandom saw.
Yes, Jack and Ianto were together.  They got together offscreen, had most of their development offscreen, ended with some one-sided declarations of love and.... I don't even know.  They're probably the pairing that got the LEAST development on the show.  I must also add, that Jack is one of the characters to have the least sex on the show. Especially in season one, pretty much all the other characters are shagging right and left.  Except Jack.
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